Fascia Board Question

I have 1x8 fascia boards on my house currently, which most is rotted. I am doing my roof in a few weeks and wanted to replace the fascia before hand. I was looking at hardieplank, and its $20.44 per 12ft stick for 1x8 and only $9.19 per 12 ft stick for 1x6. I have about 2.5 inches of over lip on the soffit with the current 1x8 that is on there. If I put the 1x6 on I would only have 0.5in of lip, would that be enough, or should I pay the extra for the 1x8?

If I understand correctly what you are asking, you should be fine so long as a metal drip-edge flashing is installed around the roof perimeter.

I didn’t know if there was a minimum amount you want the fascia to overhang the soffit.

That sounds like a good price on the 1X6. You’ll pay around 13 in Houston. Are you talking about HLD trim or 7/16 trim for fascia? If you’re talking HLD 6" you could always make up the difference by installing a 1X2 or even a 1X4 Hld for your drip edge to sit on.

1/2 inch hanging off the bottom is normal. One thing you need to check is if the facia has a groove routered in it for the soffit to fit into.

the 1x6 should work just fine.

for facia and trim we use Aztec. azek.com/viewProduct.php?id=4
or similar kleerlumber.com/

well worth it.

half inch isnt much.
but as long as your past the sophit it should work.
you can also run the fascia a half inch lower at the top to get a total of one inch at bottom.


I ended up going with the 8" with 4" for the drip edge to hide as much imperfection as I could. I ended up spending more in materials than I wanted but I am really happy with it. 1.5 day job turned into a 3 day job and a little extra. There wasn’t a band (sub-fascia) installed around the house (there is now) and I had a little sag over the garage we had to fix.