Farmers Insurance Problems


[quote=“gtp1003”]well i could help you with that since i have com accross with some niffty info just for insurance. Contact me

Then i can explain more. I dont think you want your phone number here or pm me wither way. but i have a way to elimiate alot of that bs.

AN no im not selling anything.[/quote]

gtp, why don’t you just post your response here so everyone can learn something?


Wow, talk about a 180 degree turnaround!:shock:

I had an inspection on a roof that easily qualified for replacement for hail damage or wind damage, much less both.

Yes, we had an inspection with Farmer’s today. The inspector was legitimately a bit psycho. He said that “all roofers are the same”:roll: 8). After some time on this forum, I was frankly honored. However, that was not his intent, be sure. He had some intent, though, since he said he “knows how we all are”:?. I was warming up the Twilight Zone music when he asked me “to step outside.”:roll:

I have no idea what he saw on the roof either. He passed over hail hits, then marked similar hail hits. He marked no wind damage despite all the debris under the 20% of the shingles lifted on the roof.

Sorry to vent, but that dude belonged in a facility, and certainly not a homeowner’s living room.

He told me that Farmer’s will not approve a re-inspection, since he is a senior adjuster. Well, we’ll see about that…

Farmer’s was very fair here a while ago, but this is not looking good. I do hope that all of you will rally around your homeowners and fight against this absurd bullying. And Farmer’s is sure not alone here.

What would you do?


We have also encountered on three recent inspections that the adjuster from Farmers cited not enough evidence of wind damage for roof replacement. Multiple tabs missing, seals broken (ripped), creased etc. All neighbors homes had new roofs installed or being installed. Didn’t make sense then and now reading this thread makes me wonder if the agents educate the HO of this when signing them up for coverage?


First time posting here, but just wanted to let you guys know after 5 months of fighting with Farmers we finally won an approval for our homeowner today. Farmers denied the claim through 3 different adjuster, the 3rd one was sent when we requested an appraisal, I guess they just wanted to redocument their refusal to pay. But we finally got the roof and gutters approved for the homeowner. This roof was a complete no brainer too. Hits in all the gutters, rain diverters, and vents. 12+ hits a square on 3 slopes, 8+ hits on the opposite facing slope. And at least 15 roofs already replaced within 3 blocks of that same house. Craziness, but happy that I saw it through and got it approved for them.


I would like the guidelines you have from Farmers. I deal with all of them and have a lot of success with wind claims. Now I’m doing commercial claims on HOA’s.


I would love to read this report you have that makes ajuster pay top tier values for damage

Universal Roofer


I am interested in making the insurance guy give you top tier in money. Will this cost me money?


The insurance companies are based on actuarial systems. Once they pay out a certain amount the bean counters tell them to play hard ball in certain states/areas. This is why you’ll get cooperation for a while then delay defend deny just a short while later. As managers and management theories change they forget why they pay the claims up front - litigated and properly adjusted claims are much more expensive. Then they start paying claims again till the next cycle when someone questions why they are paying so much.

They also have to contend with state mandated payout and cash reserve rates. All of this together leads to some really crazy claims handling behavior

If anyone gets stuck with a claim feel free to reach out to me


Hello Mr._Shingle I know this is an old post but can you send me any information on this (