Failed seams


Hey everyone whats up?Been awhile not on much. A bit stressed. Had a worker do some torch work for me.Went to another job.Turns out the roof leaks.The roof ponds and his seams are weak.We are in the process of 3-coursing the area with tar and mesh.Any one have this problem before and what was your solution?Thanks_Johnny


good to see ya johnny. Sorry i dont do any torch so i cant help.

You know what ever happened to QRFL?


Q is doing good.He is working for a company now.I talked with him yesturday.He was gonna do a re-lay with(may still) Had some family problems his Father passed away.We are going to get together and go fishing again soon.He is a really good guy I will tell him you said hi if you like._Johnny


def. do that, and tell him to stop in and visit. he was a good guy with good info.


Ok will do.He is still a good guy with great info,I just wished i had listened to him and took some of his advice :frowning: I have to learn the hard way unfortunatly.Hey Merry Christmas to you and your family._Johnny


hey southside,
ditto marshall.
yeah torhing in ponding areas were water builds up and
deck moves so much it can actually rip apart good seams.
build it up somehow and torch over to match.