Ez plug

hey has anybody seen or used that ez plug?

EZ Plug?

Plastic insert with a laminated piece of OSB board filler to quickly fill in removed mushroom vent holes.

Think of it’s shape as an upside down square hat, filed with the OSB.

You theoretically just nail the plastic tabs which remain on the top of the remaining sheathing to fil in the hole, instead of cutting out the old decking from rafter to rafter.

Personally, I prefer cutting out the wood and charging for doing it right.

The guys had a forum up for a while called “Roof-Links”, but didn’t stick around it often enough to generate any dialog, so shut it down.

I met them at the CRCA show last winter and they seemed like decent roofing kind of guys.


They are all I use. With the amount of time and money it saves, its well worth it. Figure you pay a guy to cut out the vents to land on the studs and pay for the plywood, it saves a lot of time and money. I find that they dont sag or act any different than if you were to patch in a regular piece of plywood anyways.

The biggest plus is the time they save. It takes a 2 minutes to put it in right, dont need to get a saw up on the roof or the plywood, or measure anything out. Just my opinion.

how much do they cost?


Thanks for the call, I appreciate the interest in our product. For the rest of you who have questions about the product you can go to www.ez-plug.com and you can see a demo of the product, find distributors that carry the product and our contact info if you want to just call us. Yes we do sell direct to contractors… IF that contractor is not near one of our suppliers that carry the product. Anyhow enough of me selling the product, call us or visit the site.


Yes we also run www.Roof-Links.com and we did take down the forum. Why? EZ-PLUG took over big time. We had no time to really dedicate to the site to keep the forums up and running properly. Rather than have a bad product out we decided to shut it down. Roof-links.com is still active just without the forum. Hope to see you again this coming CRCA we will be in booth 14, stop by and say hi! =)

Thanks guys!
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