Exposed nails on shingles below siding


Yes I’m serious.

It takes some getting used to just like the humid heat.

This week kinda sucked, I’m doing some cut up stuff with Landmark premiums, you can’t cut these things with a hook blade when it is single digits out.

So I do what needs to be done and break out the torch, gotta warm up the shingle (on both sides) to get a good cut and I even have to warm them up to knee them into a valley, or they will break.

I wear Atlas grey insulated gloves most of the time, even when it is warm out I wear gloves (the blue Atlas gloves), the backside of the shingle is like sandpaper and it rubs away the skin.

I have been hand nailing recently but I do use the gun in the winter but it needs to be 20 deg or higher and there is problems with freezing.

I use antifreeze instead of oil for the nail guns, just a few drops like the oil.

Every once in a while the hoses and the air compressor needs to sit in the warm overnight to let everything thaw out, this time of year the compressor just freezes rather than drains.

The Lithium Ion stuff runs out of juice a lot quicker and the chargers don’t work below 20 deg.

We have had a lot of snow so far this yr and it has been colder than usual as well.

I don’t schedule tear off work during the winter I just do what needs to be done like repairs, additions, & new construction and I mostly work alone nowadays.

I’m skinny too Guru but I just can’t handle the heat of summer like I used to, part of it is I don’t want to…

For me this is normal, I’ve been doing this since 1988 and I’ll be 50 this yr.


When it’s really cold out working with thick shingles I don’t even try a hook blade use either shears or if I have alot of cutting to do use my kett fiber cement shears, they work great on grand manors and tl’s


I started in 86…:+1::+1: 49 this year…started roofing at 16


I thought I was the only dummy, I started right out of high school , which wad 75. I will be 61 this April . Also work alone . I don’t know about yall i can’t retire any time soon. But I enjoyed it or should say still enjoying it. Roofing that is.


I have seen problems with both GAF and Certainteed when installed below 40 degrees. However, I will say that the Certainteed problem was “fish mouthing” due to being stacked 4 to a pallet. The problem is corrected by having the crew stack the shingles on flat concrete,in the sun, while the tear off is being performed. Certainteed did in fact pay for the re-roof of several jobs. I have seen several instances where the adhesive did not activate in cold weather, especially if cloudy.


Certainteed definitely seems to be the most favored amongst the pros.


In my area certainteed are a tough sell since their failed “New Horizon” line was really popular here and that left a sour taste with a lot of people.


All manufacturers that built the “overlay” archs were involved in a class action suit. It was a lesson learned…thus the reason no-one makes that type shingle design anymore. I think maybe it was an idea based on the style of the old Byrd style shingles, but they were based on an organic mat not fiberglass. The heavy gravel press for the build up areas weakened the fiberglass mat and caused failure. Certainteed has been the best to stand behind their products for me for 25 yrs…O.C is my 2nd pick…:+1:


Yeah I know that there have been lots of failures by different manufacturers. Just that the new horizon was the most recent and they were extremely popular in my area. Most people are just skeptical to give certainteed a 2nd chance. In fact I have to drive 45 mins to get to a supplier who even has certainteed shingles in stock.


What is popular in your area?


Certainteed Malvern headquarters is about 10 minutes away from me, so certainteed is pretty prevalent in my area. Even if their products wernt readily avalible I would still Choose them over any other shingle avalible in the region…no malarkey here.


Apologies…I was backwards in why suit was brought…it was only the organic shingles.


Never heard of malarkey before coming to this site. Here its…CT…OC…TAMKO…GAFELK. TAMKO sux…they don’t stand behind their products. GAF are paper thin with a carp algae resistance.


Definatly the best sellers in my area are O.C. and GAF, with tamko being #3. Nearly every homeowner in my area specifically asks us to not use either certainteed or IKO (whichever one they had on their house) as they both had mass failures here.


I always use neoprene nails in those areas so all exposed nails have a seal. Looks way better than caulking. That said, I have torn off hundreds of old roofs done the way yours was with no signs of those nails causing a leak.