Exposed Ice and Water + Flex Tex Underlayment


Wondering how much we should be panicking here…
We live in Canada (Toronto, ON) and were hoping to have a new roof installed today. Turns out, they ripped all the shingles off, installed the Ice and Water and Flex Tex, got 1/3 of the shingles on before running out of light. We have temperatures of 0-4 degrees, winds of 35km/hr and 10-15mm of rain forecast for tomorrow (possible snow <1mm). We asked our roofer about laying tarp and he said this risks having the underlayment ripped up if winds catch and blow the tarp. He assures us that the underlayment will keep the water out and they will hopefully be by on Saturday to finish up…


The Underlayment is there to keep your house dry until the new roof goes down.
If you hired someone reputable it’ll be fine.


Underlayment is better than any tarp. That’s what it is designed for.


Agree with the others. Nothing to the alarmed about.