Experiance with no cut valley?


Any one have experience with no cut valleys (speed valley, long island valley, or California valley) in the north sates such as North Iowa to Minnesota with steep roofs (more like 14/12) The valley I refer to is this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaNcGahvLqI

Any problems with them or draw back?
I am still not sure about this, California cut or open metal valley.


I install them myself in most situations. Some guys don’t like them (cough axiom lol) but if installed properly you will have no problems. The only drawback I can think of is they make a bit more of a hump then the closed cut called.


They are fine if installed like in the video but most are not.

I like how it encourages small staggers.:upside_down_face:


Good point with the small staggers. Yeah (on a steep roof) you’ll need to resist the temptation to not cut the first shingle you put into the valley (if that’s where you start).


I am not to concerned about a hump since the rest of the decking is not perfectly flat. 7 in wide boards some are curled at the eds or bowed in the middle both up and down.
A house fe blocks short of me did stagger start in the valley but he use valley metal.

I know you start on the size with the smaller area if both slops are the same pitch.
However, what if the smaller area side stops about a foot or two short of the eave? Can it still be done or does it have to start on the other the other way around?
I would like all my valleys to match (have 4 valleys house shaped like a t). All facing each other or at least the back match each other and the front matches each other.


The key is to imagine water running down the roof into the valley. Think about which side is gonna have more water (and force of water) running down into the valley. The side with less volume/force should be shingled first. If its the same than either way would be acceptable.


Not every roofer will properly install a full woven, no cut valley. I personally don’t like them unless they’re done near perfect. Plus, you have double the waste versus a 1/2 cut valley.


Can you clarify by not cutting the first shingle? Do you mean I weave the first course?
About the staggers, will the 4" staggers it leaves/creates be enough or will I have to cut each shingle (on both sides) to a different length to get 6" staggers?


6" staggers are ideal but on a 14/12 I would find 4" acceptable. Just NO LESS than 4".


IIRC 4" is the minimum allowed by Certainteed, IMO it’s too small, I prefer 6"-8".


Do you start with 2" spacing at the top then as you go down add a 1/8" per foot? So at the bottom of a 25 foot run it would be a little over 5". OR Do you just keep the same 2" the whole way down? Do not want to to look like the gap is really large or veering off excessive. Maybe start at 3 to 4" and keep it that distance the whole way?


Honestly, I stay about 1" out of valley the whole length. Yeah, I’ve heard the people who say you need to get further out of the valley at the bottom but I never bought into it myself and it’s never caused me any issues.


I only taper cut open valleys on cedar. Wouldn’t look right with shingles, have never seen it done that way around me.