Ever dissatisfied


I’ve mostly been subbing lately… Anyways you guys ever finish a job and when your done, do you ever end up not happy with the job… I don’t know what it is but I thinks its shingling in the snow…man I started looking around few valleys got dented, tar spots (quite a few) I don’t know I have a solid way of doimg things but I just finished a job and it doesn’t have that crisp look (just thought I’d share)


most the roofs ive done this year have been city funded. i havent added one of these roofs to my picture album. low bidder gets the job 90% of the time. i hate it. inspectors oversee it and get in the way. looks like sh!t when your done because they dont pay to fix joists. just resheet it that solves all your problems. then they dont fix the rotted soffit 1/2 the time and they save it for the sider. the sider destroys your drip edge and they call you to ask why it looks so wavy. then my favorite phrase ever “couldn’t you just”. once i hear that, its over. i always answer with “couldn’t YOU just pay me another $2500 to fix it right”


good roofers care what it looks like.