Euroshield Roofing- Truly Hail PROOF?

We are roofing contractors in Denver CO. We get a lot of hail here as most roofers know. We install all the brands and materials. Our question from New Roof Plus to the group is about EuroShield, manufactured by Global Environmental Manufacturers. We are very interested in hearing more about other contractors experiences with the installation of this product and any customer feedback after installation.

One of the complaints we have seen is the smell of rubber after installation. It is made from recycled tires and is reported to have a strong smell of tires. How long does this endure and does the smell drive the homeowner crazy?

Two, how is the installation process in terms of ease or not. It appears straightforward and the manufacturer says it’s good but we wanted to hear from others.

Finally, the warranty for the “Hail Proof” roofing product is 50 years. We would like to know if there have been any complaints about the product and its true durability?


If you want something as hail proof as it is going to get, check out Brava Tile. It is a synthetic composite and there is no rubber smell. Have not heard of the product you mentioned. I know Tamko had a shingle a dozen years ago or so made of recycled tires. Total junk.

Thanks for the tip on Brava Tile. We will look into it. I had also talked with some people about the attempts made in the past with new roofing material combinations that turned out poorly in long run. Thanks again.