Estimating Program (Long)


After many years of being frustrated with estimating programs that aren’t specific to roofing I decided to make it my mission to develop a program within Microsoft Excel. What I did is develop 4 pages that are fully integrated with each other. The pages are “Main” “Pricing” “Contract” “Work Order”. My goal was to have a program that allows a salesman to price a job without knowing everything about roofing and the variables that come along with it. I have about 8 salesman and I became frustrated with my profitability dropping because they “forgot” they sold a financed job or an upgraded warranty and the company ended up eating the cost in the end. So the program prints a contract that directly relates to what is on the pricing page and also the work order is made based on exactly what is on the pricing page and contract. So for example if I select 30# felt in my drop down box on my pricing page it automatically fills in 30# on the contract and the work order. It seems basic but I’ve found that in the heat of a season my salesman and myself sometimes forget what we sell and the proper info isn’t relayed properly to the work order and you have an irate customer thinking your ripping them off because your putting 15# felt on their house. This is just an example, but its the reason I felt it necessary to develop a full proof estimating program that figures all the variables into a job and prices it accordingly. I’ve found this increasingly important because of “financing” fees etc. that need to be accounted for or they just kill profitability. So if anybody is interested in how i did it or is curious about how I did it feel free to e-mail me at…FYI I own a roofing company and im not trying to sell anything, I get a lot of good info off the site from you guys so I figured I would offer up some help to anybody interested.


My salesman are payed a % of gross profit. What I’ve done is put a “pass” or “fail” box that regulates how low they can go with their price. Long story short… if one of my guys doesn’t build in enough profit the box will read “fail” and then automatically add a line on the contract that says the price is not final and must be approved by management or the salesman can just raise the price. This protects companies from being forced to honor a low ball price due to a mistake or inexperienced salesman.


Sounds very intersting. I sent you an email.


Im sending out just a blank template of the program to give you an idea of what it looks like and to see who really wants to put the time into learning about how it works. So to you guys that i’ve sent info out to keep in mind its basically like taking a picture of your computer and showing it to someone and trying to explain what happens when you hit the “Internet Explorer” icon. So my disclaimer is this…This is not a program that I can e-mail and it just automatically works for anyone. All the formulas and figure tables would have to be changed to your pricing, overhead, costs etc…