Equipter worth buying?


Anyone have one of these I am looking for feed back I am considering buying one of these before the year ends. Thanks in advance


We bought one for our roofing business 4 years ago and we would hardly consider going to work without it. We use it for just about everything. I would say it is one of the best labor saving machines on the market today when it comes to roofing. They also work great to lift materials to the roof as well and as a lift to work out of. Bottom line is if you do any amount of roofing at all, you cannot afford not to have one if these machines.


One of these? Is there a picture I’m not seeing?


Referring to an equiptor


LOL, Misread thinking it said “Equipment”. My bad


Equipment is defiantly worth buying, makes doing any work much easier.


Those that have used the equipter,
Is it possible to dump it into another dump trailer
On site in the drive way without making too much of a mess?

And does it really Not leave ruts in the yard??


Yes it is possible to dump into another dump trailer or even a dumpster. We have dump into 30 and 40 yd dumpsters with ours regularly and they range from 6’ - 8’ tall. As long as you have enough room in the trailer or container for the load to fit into it, there is very little to no mess at all.

What we have found is when there is a lot of rain and the yards are really soft, especially in the spring and the fall when the frost is coming and going, we will leave tracks but we have never left ruts where it actually cut down through the sod and created a real mess. When the yards are really soft we will sometimes lay down plywood, but that is a rare occurrence. In 4 years of using one (and we use it on every job we possibly can) we have only have to fix tracks once. That was on a lake property where the ground was extra soft. It does take some judgement but all in all we have not had a problem.