EPDM vs MFM Peel & Seal


Hey everyone,

I have recently started to get estimates to replace my roof and they all seem to differ. I have a low pitch roof on the back half of my garage and my porch. Both contractors are going to treat the roof as a flat roof however they differ on material.

The first and cheapest option is Peel & Seal from MFM which is about 2k.

The second expensive option is a Carlisle EPDM roof for 4k.

My question is if EPDM is that much better of a material to warrant double the cost? I also have not found much on the Peel & Seal product being used for an entire roof. Does anyone know how long it will last?

Thank you, -Chris


you will get ten year warranty i have done a lot residetial roofs with peal it is on my own house i have flat roof


Peel and Seal is and excellent low pitch roof product. Ask your roofer to prime the deck with an asphalt primer before installation of the Peel and Seal, weather they are replacing the sheathing or not. Neither roof systems do you want much foot traffic on, but, the Peel and Seal will hold up to it slightly more.


Warranties are irrelevant, and are usually not worth the paper they are written upon.



I would ask each contractor why they are using the product that they stated.

I would be a little leary of the Peel n’ Seal product. The installtion is a little tricky.

Also the top of the Peel N’ Seal is aluminum foil. So you will have a lot of reflextion. So if there are any windows near this roof, you will have the reflection in you house. This may make living conditions in that room uncomfortable.


I used the white i never had problem with it


Both products are great. One thing to keep in mind…the Peel & Seal should be installed on a sloped/positive drainage situation. Not designed for flat with ponding water. EPDM will take ponding water.