EPDM rubber roofing question

In the fall of 2005 I had, per my contract, a “fully adhered .060 mil rubber roofing membrane” installed. Since day 1, there were problems with the membrane not adhering and bubbling. The roofer (small but well established business) maintained it was to allow for contraction and expansion in the summer/winter months (upper mid-west). It was not until this summer that the roofer finally admitted it was a glue problem. Long story short, he agreed to try and fix it by pulling up the rubber and applying a new coat of glue. This didn’t work and he had to put on new insulation boards and a new membrane. Problem is, he didn’t do the whole roof (about 60% redone)…he did the worst part and said the other parts shouldn’t cause me any problems with resale or inspectors. My first thought was “ok” because the worst part was redone. However, I now see he installed a .045 membrane without telling me. Am I right to be upset with a partial fix with an inferior membrane? Or, am I lucky to get what I got? The contract states a “10 year personal guarantee for all workmanship”.

Exactly what the first contract stated, prob a premium was built into this warranty in the first place, not your fault due to shoddy work. Personal guarantee what does that mean?? If this guy is reputable in the area, chances are he’ll resove any concerns, good luck

Bubbles are sometimes common, more so on the non reinforced membranes. We just did a job and I thought I was going to have to rework a section, but after about 3 days the bubbles worked themselves out. We decided the bubbles were due small patches of wet glue caused by laying the glue uneven.

bubbles under epdm are caused by one thing only…poor installation technics. the adhesive was not allowed sufficient time to flash off. this causes the solvents in the adhesive to dissapate under the membrane causing your bubbles. tell your roofing contractor you intend to contact the mnfgrs field rep. then find out if your contractor is even a qualified installer of said product. start making phone calls…information is your best allie here. at last ditch call your attorney.

Thanks for the responses…I have an update. I asked my roofer why the .045. He said .060 was unavailable at the time and that .045 is for residential and .060 is commercial. As a matter of fact, he said .045 will lay better on my roof. Kind of confused why he installed .060 in the first place then?? Is this the runaround or a legitimate explanation??

I had the reverse situation bite me
in the butt once…
plans specd .040 fully adhered.
small 5 sq (6 ft x 80 ft)

I had a few huge pieces of 7 ft .60,
so I used them. Also. designer spec’d
term bar over fascia, but I preferred .032
metal edging and stripped in uncured.

Bankrupt owner/ went to collection…
we lost because we didn’t meet specs,
despite the fact that we exceed specs.

Owner also tried to file damages for bird-dogging
scam ( cash deductions on contract for solid leads that sell.) Although this was true…he was paid
$400.00 for a couple of small jobs, by certified bank check that specifically stated… Referral fee.


He very well might have gone to pick up the material, and they were out of the .060.

The .045 is for residential is a lie. Water falling on a residential roof is no different then water falling on a commercial roof.

in fact id sooner use .060 on a residential simply because it is thicker and will offer slightly better resistance to falling branches etc.

on small jobs that are residential Mule Hide does not offer warranty services only for commercial work

The glue had not flashed-off and was still wet when the membrane was installed. They also probably forgot to broom, or roll the membrane surface to help mate the two surfaces. He also replaced the .060 with .045, so you did not get what you paid for.

I’d come have them rip it off and replace it with a properly installed roof system that includes new fiberboard insulation. If they don’t want to replace the piece of crap they installed; go talk to a consultant and an attorney. Together they will get this guy to repair your roof properly, or you can beat him in court; his call.