EPDM adhesive question


I’m laying EPDM over a small, patched flat roof. The surface includes old, but intact and well-adhered EPDM, different types of lumber (mostly pressure treated), plus some firmly secured aluminum flashing.
The area is less than 10x10 and it will not have heavy foot traffic.
What’s the best adhesive to use for this mix of surfaces?


Tha best thing, other than tearing it off, would be to screw down a few sheets of ISO rather than attempting to glue to 3+ dissimilar substrates. If it’s less than a square a few sheets of insulation won’t cost too much and make the job go much smoother and last longer.


Use your EPDM recommended Bonding Adhesive. It will stick to all of those surfaces. Make sure you clean the old EPDM (you may need to use a EPDM primer to insure adhesion) and the other surfaces. DO NOT try to adhere to any asphalt surface.


very helpful - thanks. But what is the EDPM recommended bonding adhesive? I’ve looked closely at the EDPM website and they never identify a recommended adhesive.


Check on the Carlisle SynTec site. All except California, use 90-8-30A Bonding Adhesive or use the low VOC version called Low VOC Bonding Adhesive. I would guess that most roofing distributors carry a version of this product.


Great — thank you again!