Energy Savings calculator - White Shingles lose money in some climates?

This calculator says that I will lose $500 a year
with a white roof, using San Francisco as my location.

Calculating my actual AC costs are only about $25 a year.

I only use the AC about 10 days a year,
KWH .17 / 3000 Watts / 5 hours per day = .50/hr
= $2.50/day X 10 days = $25.00 year

UV resistant shingles is a marketing gimmick.

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Yes. Whether a white roof is helpful is dependent on how many cooling days you have compared to heating days and your cost for each. If you spend more heating your house or building than cooling it then you want a dark roof.

Insulation helps in either case though.


If your insulation/ventilation is correct, you shouldn’t have too much gain/loss over color.