End plugs in Ventsure Rigid Roll by Owens Corning

Had Ventsure Rigid Roll put in on my last roof job. Owens corning rep checked the roof job for Quality Assurance check. He states End Plugs need installed in Ventsure Rigid Roll. What exactly is the end plug? What is its function? Thanks

The end plugs are the little black foam things that fall out of the package when opened.

The end plugs are supposed to be installed at the ends of the ridgevent to prevent water and more importantly insect infiltration.

If you provide 4’ sectional ridgevent & 2 1/2" or better nails for your crews you will be installing a superior product for your customer.

The 4’ sectional vents have built in end plugs unless a cut end is left exposed.


Your owens corning inspector didnt know what he was looking at.
Because unless something has changed in recent years, the rigid roll doesnt come with or need end plugs.

does that mean the entire rigid roll has to be taken off to place the end plugs? or can the existing end plugs be installed to the existing Ventsure Rigid Roll?

You don’t need to remove the vent.

You should be able to stuff some foam into the ends or fabricate little metal caps, or even fill the ends with caulk, the stuff is only 5/8" tall.

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Foam pipe insulation tubes cut to fit work. Had some scrap from a condenser line job.