well, I have made very few friends on here but I have to tell someone…Im getting married in 2 days and I am actually excited about it… go figure.


Once you say I do,your done!!! :smiley:


Marriage is a BLESSING,and if its not,what the hell are you tying the knot for? Congrats Empie :mrgreen:




Hope everything goes well and you have bueatiful weather.


I always say it takes a man to marry and a boy to be a boyfriend. Because i have lot’s of younger sisters.


i think your mistaken,
i count atleast five freinds rite here.

stand firm on internet time.



Congrats man. I am a happly married man its great, welcome to the club.


You poor bastard.
Now you will penetrate the Married Men’s Screen of Deception and realize how good it REALLY is on the other side.

Roofer’s do it better on top!

Congratulations and realiize that the secret to marriage is honest agreement.


congads bro ! enjoy the honymoon.


thanks guys.