EDPM DIY - can you check my order list?


Hi guys, thanks for the help in my other thread. I am putting together a supply list for the Carlisle EPDM with plans to make the order this week. I’ll double check this with my supplier, but since this is my first roofing job, figuring more eyes the better.

Here is the roof:

Here is what I’ve got on my list:

  • Carlisle HP recovery boards - 78 @ 4’x8’x1/2"
  • Drip edge - 250ft
  • 10x100 ft rolls 45 or 60 mil EPDM sure seal - 3 @ 10x100 (may add a 10x50 to be safe)
  • Tape and adhesive - is this something most suppliers can figure out? How many buckets of adhesive…how many rolls of tape/RUSS, etc
  • Boots - 3 for 2", 1 for 6"
  • Fasteners for recovery board
  • Check on anything special for chimney (metal flashing?)
  • 2" roller (any other rollers?)

Thanks for any thoughts guys.


You want to make sure you get a quality drip edge, I prefer painted steel for flat roofs, or .032 aluminium and fasten it extremely well. I Have seen way too many flat roofs of all types fail prematurely from cheap and poorly fastened drip edge.


The EPDM comes with tape installed.
The adhesive, I assume this is a fully adhered job, will cover 60 sf per gal coating both sides.
Boots, use universal boots they cover all the sizes you use.
Screws and Plates. Probably 16 per 4x8 for fully adhered. See attachment guide.
Ask the distributor for an EPDM field manual. It shows everything you need to know.


Thanks @donl, good stuff. Yes - plan is fully adhered for the EPDM, recovery board of course mechanically fastened to the decking.

With what you provided, I can calculate up how many gallons of adhesive and how many fasteners, thanks!


Question on thickness of the EPDM - it’s about $130/roll (10x100 rolls) more for me to go 60mil vs 45mil. Thoughts? Worth it?


You definitely want the 60 mil.


Thanks @Axiom, confirmed my suspicion. It’s a relatively small increase in price for a longer lasting product. :ok_hand:


It’s been a lifetime since I have used it but I remember the 45 mil ripping really easy, we only used it for ballasted roofs.


Tape primer for your edge metal, seams and cover tape.