East coast work?

I’m a 20 yr. standing seam veteran who is contemplating a move to PA or Upstate NY. Anyone tell me about going wages, and year round work?

march through november for most companies and depending on what you show you can do $14-$25/hr ish

how about snow/ ice dam removal for the ugly months? is there any call for ice melt systems? Here in the rockies, ventilation isn’t the only answer, and many times, not enough anyways

last year i had a ton of calls for ice removal…this year, not one!! dependfs if you get big ice…then quick melt.

we had over300" this year. Not much for installing, but stayed busy anyway

thats alot of snow.

we got 20 ft. in 4 days last year. biggest snow fall in earths recorded history. we had quite a few snow removal calls. dont expect another winter like that again.