Dutch Gable Flashing

I’ve got a roofer who considers this flashing complete and acceptable. Says it’s not his role to flash the underside of the exposed decking section and that the rake crown should have been terminated at the shingles. Obviously, this wouldn’t solve the issue of the leak path where the shingles meet the underside of the decking. I told him had he notched that bit of decking where the hip intersected the gable to slide cap up over the hip, then ran his shingles up the gable and over that capping it would be a non-issue, but that ship has now sailed. Can anyone suggest a flashing detail that would solve this issue and not be a complete eyesore? Thanks!

That is finished complete work from the roofers perspective, the rest is done by the siders.

Looks like that piece of Crown molding needs to be cut back and a longer piece installed.