Durolast failure


Lately got couple of clients with durolast roofs.They got smalls cracks, if you look close.Probably because they are mechanically attached and over poorly cleaned gravel-BUR.
So far Gaco works, if you go wide enough, but as I understand, Gaco warranty has problems with going over mechanically attached single ply.
Once durolast is past 10 years old, what are the patches any of you have tried and actually worked.
Please let’s keep it constructive…
It’s in SW Ohio.


DuroLast is a PVC membrane. Hopefully, it does not go directly over a BUR roof or any asphaltic substrate. Forget Gaco for patches. If you want to patch an old PVC roof you will have to weld a patch to the underside of the old PVC membrane in order to get it to weld. Clean the underside before welding.


Ok.If I got 30sq full of tiny fractures and thru vent I can see BUR with few ballast pieces still attached?
The goal is to save the customer from spending the money for a new roof for some more years.
When you say forget about Gaco, what do you mean by it?


IIRC there is supposed to be a slip sheet between the BUR and the PVC.


Axiom, you’re correct. PVC doesn’t like asphalt!

Regarding Gaco, if your roof is fracturing and you can see the underlayment through it, it is done for. You can smear Gaco over the system (after priming) and maybe
get a few years. Basically, it is a waste of money for the short benefit it will give you.
Man up and do it right by putting a new roof on.


PVC is incompatible with asphalt. The bituminous product will leach out the plasticizers in the PVC and it will become brittle. That’s why you have the cracking. Also, the plasticizers in the PVC will liquify the asphalt. You must has a separation sheet. Was there no insulation or cover board either? How did anyone get Durolast to sell them the membrane without an inspection or approval of the substrate?