Duro-last weld/seams

The worker running the robot welder was obviously not paying attention and the welder ran about 1" outside of the seam for about half of the total welds. Do you think the welder running over the membrane outside of the seam results in a weak spot subject to premature failure? Thanks

Durolast will never warranty it and that’s the main thing.

Duro-last sent their inspector, and he said they would still issue the warranty. However, my concern is failure after the 15 year warranty expires. I can’t believe it, but he said the warranty would be issued

You seem like the guy I would hire to do my roof if I wasn’t in the trade. Thanks for your integrity.

Didn’t intend to mislead anyone, I’m the customer in this situation not the contractor.

My bad. Durolast is one of the few companies I would trust to warranty their product but I’m surprised they backed that up. Not a big single ply contractor so I’m sure more knowledgeable contractors will weigh in with better input than I can give.