Duralast roof

You could do better on a low-sloped roof (commercial roofer instead of residential), but Brinkmann isn’t bad. I will say that you need to read their contract carefully, because if I’m not mistaken they have a hefty charge for cancelling their contract once you sign it.

FWIW, I know them mostly as hail-chasers, but haven’t really seen too much of their roofing work to say if you should go one way or another. You may want to consider calling Carlson Roofing as an option, or at least to compare pricing. Their niche is small strip centers and residential roofs. If you can’t find their number, let me know and I’ll look it up for you. I believe they are officed in Spring, Texas, but he obviously works all over the Houston area.

Good Luck!

…or not…whatever…I aint arguing with anybody anymore…here, $64.00 an hour doesnt really cover the costs…where youre at…you know…whatever

Where I’m at, labor is cheap because most of it comes from south of the border. Comprendas?

we need a bigger ditch down there

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Did you all know roofboss has a brave mutha of a son fighting for us in Iraq?

Bid him well, for us, roofboss. 8)

afghananstan now!!!

Once again…my bad.

he actually is @sniper school for two more weeks

Sorry to dig this one up from the dust bin, but I was wondering if RoofBoss would share with us how his son is doing? Hopefully good news on all areas concerned.

Also, since it’s possible the OP will get an Email notification of this thread, I’d like to know how his project went, how it priced out, etc.

I’m also curious as to the size & squares of this particular roof.

still in afghanastan. doing well. hopefully has his head down with the recent uprising. due to come home in aug 08. thanks for asking and i am also wondering how this project went!!!