Dura deck


What type of plywood is recommended for dura deck installations?


I do aleast 9 a yr well up till this yr but this yrs just beginng anyhow 3/4 to 5/8 [depending on rafters spaceing.There are a couple of things if your laying over just the deck make sure all nails or anything that will penatrate material is taken care off then fill joints and low areas with filler then apply the roof if going on a patio deck i would recommend a 1/2 fanfold min.But i have used up to 2" as well as non at all.If you need any info you can reach me at flatroofer@yahoo.com.



To begin, Duradek is an excellent product and I have installed plenty of it. In my opinion, it is best to fasten Densdek to any number of thickness CDX (depending on code and outstanding job requirements). It is best to use pre-primed Densdek with decking screws, in high wind or areas susceptible to severe weather, adhere the Densdeck to the plywood as well. Many “roofers” would believe this is overkill, but I assure you the end result is well worth it. As we know, plywood can and will absorb moisture and can bow, the Densdeck (properly installed in a staggered patter) will hide any bowing or other imperfections, including fasteners. Hope this helps.


April very go info but as you know densdeck is very expensive and i really dont recommend glueing to a plywood substate.Hens the iso or fan fold Now the info is very informative but the cost would be really really expensive i always recommend 3 things with this product a wider weld a diffrent edge detail and always make sure the substrate you are working on is not warped or delaminating and is void of major gaps.April all in all you sound very knowledgable this system is high dollar atleast here in the frozen north its got alot of compation with other products also let me state MAKE SURE the installer is certified or does alot of pvc,tpo material.