Drones? Use or not to use?

My first experience with an insurance adjuster using a drone.
In the end pissed off!!
All their measurements off to what I have with eagle view. Now I sent my estimate in and have been " negotiating’ with this douche that knows nothing about roofing. He is saying that he will not pay for anything that is pre- installed (ice n water shield) I just roofed this house 9 months ago. Also is telling me that a metal roof was not completed last time yet they have the invoice from last time and how the heck can you determine that with a damn drone?
Nobody has been on the roof
How the hell does that work?
I apologize for this outbreak but how can they get away with using drones? I see I won’t get crap from this one. Oh did I mention it’s Travelers
Thank you for listening

I wilfully agree the drones do not see what we can with human eyes that is.We had Travelers pull that with us last week still dealing with them. But no one on there side will get in the roof.

Get the policy holder, the homeowner, involved. Have them call the Adjuster’s Manager with a modest amount of frustration and anger. Submit your supplement. Just sending in your estimate, with no explanations, photos or supplement language, isn’t likely to yield much. This is a routine situation, I feel your frustration but it is partially self inflicted. Take my training course and you’ll learn how to properly handle these types of situations. You asked for it but haven’t responded to my message when I got back to you.

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Tell me about your training course.

It is training for insurance supplementing. Covers a wide range of supplementing skills needed to be effective and efficient. I will send you a PM.

Pm me about course also. Thanks