Drip Edge With Nails


Is it a bad thing for the drip edge to have nails in it? There is also nails in the fascia. This is in the front of the house above the garage, and it looks ugly. Now that the nails are in there, is this a big job to fix? I assume the whole drip edge needs to be replaced, and also possibly the fascia?


I wouldn’t want that on my house. Upside is they used wrong color drip edge anyways (my opinion). So now get the opportunity to fix two things at once


It is the correct color. I guess it may be a fad, but using an accent color on the drip edge is something that is in vogue.


Agree with you on the color.
It makes the house look nicer
And it always looks clean from the street.

The white drip edge looks terrible in 6 months and has to be cleaned constantly.

I dont know why the roofers nailed into the side like that. It must have really been sticking out.
The roofers could have formed the metal to be tight against the fascia before hand.
There are special cases that i have needed to do that before, but i disguised it well with some colored polyurethane sealant/caulking.


Thanks for the reply. My theory regarding the drip edge was that whoever cut the drip edge for the gable didn’t know how to do it properly. I think they just cut it at a 90 degree angle, but the gable is not 90 degrees like a corner of the house would be. So, getting it to fit was impossible and that’s why at the peak of the gable the left side was sticking out a quarter inch, all the way down the left side. I told the contractor about it and the guy he sent didn’t even look at the whole left side, his solution was to nail it down at the bottom, which didn’t even have an effect on the upper part. How a tradesman could do that and think it was a solution, I have no idea other than blatant inexperience. After I saw it I sent pictures to the contractor and he agreed that it was ridiculous, so the whole drips and fascia was replaced by someone that knew what they were doing.