Drip Edge with Exposed Rafter Tails?

I have a Craftsman style house with 36" overhangs and exposed rafter tails. There’s no gutters. Would drip edge actually be of use with no fascia to protect? (If I did go with drip edge, I would only accept an ‘edge’ of 3/4" to avoid changing the look.)


If nothing else, the drip edge will protect the wood decking. Not a huge concern if the roof is a steep pitch.
Are the ends of the rafter tails protected?

Does the roof currently have a drip edge on it?

The roof is 9/12. There is no currently drip edge. It looks like someone may have replaced portions of the sheathing edge way in the past, but for this replacement I dont see any issues…except for maybe where the paint peeled or other roof issues are present.


There is nothing on the rafter tail ends but a lot of old paint. thanks.

6" wht alum fasha cover makes an exellent edge metal.
put the 6" on the deck and the 1" on the face.