Drip edge or not?

i didnt know drip edge was optional

on my roofs its standard


I have hundreds of shingle roofs on with no drip edge and no problems, but we know how to roof.

Drip edge detail with crown moulding at eave / fascia.

Details are similar with flat fascia / gutter board. Ice and water shield goes behind the gutter.

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Use it. I agree with Marshall Exteriors about protecting the plywood. It does not have to wick up very far to cause the plywood to start delaminating.

dont like gutters.
dont like shingles in the snow.
dont like screen enclosures, gutters, upagainst fasha.

if edge metal is not installed properly it can cause more trouble
than prevent.


Well, how does it evedr get to the plywood? The shingles hang out past the rake an inch.

Drip edge is not always nessasary. the eves well cover them. You wont be able to see the drip. Ice and water and gonna make a diffrence.