Drip edge missing

I need some help.
I replaced my roof in 2014 and this year we decided to sell our house.
It turned out roofing contractor didn’t install drip edge or flashing for my entire roof.
I know it has been 7 years since the roofing job was done. But he verbally said if there is any problem, he will fix it as long as he is in the business. I called him and first he denied and not answering my phone call, text and other means of communication. What do I do ? It seems like a big repair job.

What should I do ? Has it been too long to have him redo ? Obviously he is avoiding me.

Thanks for your advice in advance.

Could be a big job, post a few pics of the roof?

Not sure if drip edge was required in your area 7 years ago, although in my opinion should have always been. Are you talking eaves or gables?
At least 75% of the 20+ year old roofs we tear off have NO eave metal and almost every one has some rot on the overhang.

The International Residential Code changed. 2012 required eave metal or drip edge. I’ve seen it called on many home inspector reports, when being sold. The code book, in my opinion. Is a suggestion, but many municipalities, townships and cities use it as the bible.
7yrs? Not sure he will come back. Its a pain to put it on after so long. If I’m doing it for a sell, I’m putting 1-1/2 because of the nail placement up the rakes and starter.

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Just because IRC added drip edge to code in 2012 doesn’t mean the local governing municipality adopted that code in 2012 or 2013. Many municipalities skip multiple years after adopting a year. Many hit 2009 and didn’t updated until 2015 or even 2018.

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We bend all of our own metal so our drip edge is 3” on the deck 1 1/2” down with a kick and bent to roof pitch. Makes integration with gutters much better.