Drip edge install on a 18 year old roof


A home inspector said that there is no drip edge on a 18 year old roof and that it needs to be
installed. He said the roof has 5-7 years life left. The existing shingles are bent way over into the
gutters and a roofing contractor we had look at the roof said the drip edge is not necessary and
trying to bend the shingles up to install it would damage them and cause further problems.

So should drip edge be installed? If not how to convince this inspector that it would be a bad
idea to attempt to install it. The contractor that looked at it said he would NOT attempt to install it
because of the age of the shingles.


That guy is a moron but that seems to be synonymous with Home Inspectors. It hasn’t had it for 18 years, it can make it another 5 to 7. I’d tell the guy to go pound sand. No way would I try to mess with that, especially since that’s BS.


Ditto what Authentic Dad said. This home inspector has absolutely zero credibility with me after saying something so dumb. Trying to install drip edge on an 18 yr old roof is gonna cause WAY more harm than good! Ask him where he got all of his knowledge, a crackerjack box or something.


Ditto with all!
Yes, drip edge metal is better with the roof.
But the roofer knows what he is talking about.
And The home inspector is clueless.
Id say it is a waste of money to be spent on your existing roof at year 18.
He isnt presenting any evidence of leaking.
How dare he!


Really tired of home inspectors telling people to add drip edge. Had one tell a customer in a historic home with a 150year old slate roof that they needed to install drip edge.


Install drip edge on a 150 yr old slate roof :roll_eyes: I really hope someone slapped that inspector. That’s extremely asinine.


Thanks for all your replies. The inspector changed his report saying that drip edge is not
required for this age roof and not having it will not effect the remaining life of the roof. He first came back and said a lender may not approve a loan if the roof did not have drip edge. He backed off on that also. Go figure, these guys actually get paid for this BS.


Sorry, sir. Your loan is not approved because you don’t have drip edge and the little flag on your mailbox won’t stay up when it rains.


99.99% of the mortgage companies would know drip edge if they had it shoved up their behind 2 foot. And yes, it is a shame these guys get paid for their incompetent reports. We see it all the time.