Drip edge/facia


I’m having a new metal roof installed on my 1500 sf., 3/2, a color called nevada silver which looks close to the natural metal color. I’ve hired a different company to install the facia, soffit and gutter because they’re less expensive. Questions:

  1. Is the gauge of the metal facia important?

  2. Is there any norm or thinking on color of drip edge vs facia/gutter/soffit or it it all just personal preference. At this point the drip edge matches the roof color and the facia, soffit and gutter are a dark brown. House is light yellow.

Thanks for the input!



I would personally never want a different contractor installing the gutters and the roof. We always sell new gutters with metal roofs and while installing make sure that will work with the eave metal.

As far as color, the drip and roof should be fabricated from the same metal and are normally is the same color. Other than that th e Fascia and gutter color choice is up to you