Drip edge -- bad installation

First-time homeowner here. Had a roofer install drip edge flashing. It looks like a very bad job to me: doesn’t match the angle of the roof so the shingles pop up; installed unevenly so the popped shingles are wavy; newly exposed boards at the corners; small sections missing.

Can someone tell me if I’m right in thinking they need to fix this? And how, exactly, should it be re-done? (Does it all just need to be replaced, or can these pieces be altered to fit correctly?)




Yes that is a problem, it looks as though the gutter can be removed somewhat easily so that the drip edge/gutter apron can be correctly installed.

That is horrible. That valley with debris buildup and raised drip edge is a leak waiting to happen.

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Wow, that’s really bad and needs addressed. And that’s coming from the guy usually trying to tell homeowners on here not to get worked up over cosmetic issues.


Yes you are Island but I respect you for your consistency!