Down pament or not


down pament or not. is it a selling point


i get it 100% of the time.

common is at least 50%, and i have a “VIP” list where i get the work done in “X” amount of time if you pay 80% or more up front (many pay 100%).

but i ALWAYS get something. if i cant get the $4k on a 8k job… i ask them what they are comfortable with. some say $1,000, some say more. i’ve only had one guy lowball me with a $500 deposit on a $10,000 job. but at least i got SOMETHING out of the guy. it shows commitment.


in my state we can only take a third; but no licensing


no such laws here, no permits, no bonds, nothing but lots of money, and lots of roofing. lol


Where i am at we dont take a down payment unless it is special order.


40% before the start of the job.


DP a selling point?

not for me. I am more interested in the qualifications/references of the roofer. I would not mind paying a small DP,up to 20%. It shows I am serious about the job.


Did you realize that the big box stores
get 100% of their money before they even order
the material…then they give the owner the run around while they try to find a crew to install the job.
… a crew that can pass a background check , that’s fully licensed and insured, capable of obtaining proper permits, order and schedule a a dumpster if necessary, and willing to work for average install rates while dealing with numerous levels of insensitivity for the
customer as well as the installer…

customers that have been given the “Curley Shuffle” for a couple of months, customers that look at you as…“there’s the guy that has been giving us the run around for two months.”

I’m not saying that they are the reason that the Attorney Generals office has cracked down on the construction and home improvement industry for fraudulent money and workmanship issues because of them…we all know…those issues are caused by the gypsy, jackleg, storm chasing kind of
operations that we all complain about, but
customers are used to all sorts of money situations…

they might not pay 100% cash…up front… to order a new F350 dually crew cab special order dump truck that is 3 months away from delivery…
but who isn’t guilty of signing anything that’s necessary, when they go into a dealership trying to get financing on a new vehicle,

I consider the ability of the homeowner to make their payment when I make the payment schedule.
I prefer 10 % signing

If I am arranging finance, I will be there as soon as the funding is approved. no money down


Depends on who you are dealing with and the job - We take anywhere from ZERO to 50% - For Example: We did a $3,500 repair and coating work on a previous Customers house who always pays - guess what ZERO down … and we got paid … Example Two: We get a call from the yellow pages - good people - and it turns out to be a $5,500 job - $2K down - balance net 10 days …

We have been very successful over the last 28 years - You really have to know which side of the tracks you are on - know your Customer … We have only written off about $25K for all those years - our sales are up over $2.5m per year …


for strangers and new customers material cost and usually 500-1000 of labor when materials show up. mainly to feel them out.
sometimes when i get a referal i walk out of the estimate with a check for the full amount without asking. my dad always taught me to refuse unearned money once but if they offer a second time you’d be foolish not to accept.
blue collar customers are usually quicker to pay up front without me asking. it’s the guy with the big expensive house that i am always leary of.
i had a 60 year old man i met for an estimate on installing vinyl on just his gables… something like 6 grand total. i met him on friday for a deposit to cover materials… was starting monday morning. i was pretty drained from an extremely hecktic and profitable month and i had mentioned that to him while we were shootin the sh.t. he paid in full up front and said go ahead and try and fit me in sometime in the next 3 weeks. i was shocked. we took a 3 day weekend and started on tue.


I have most of my home owners pay for the materials the day we start. I have an account but with 2% paid back if paid before 30 days of delivery it’s nice.

Have done several jobs without getting any money up front or materials paid. For example a month or so ago did a $33,500 roof in which the home owner paid me and the lumber yard a week after we finished. Some may think thats crazy and other would think it’s even crazier to consider we did the job on a hand shake. Still got the 2%.

Have done some jobs were the home owners pay in full up front. Had one job back in 06 from the phone book were the home owner sent me the full check in the mail. When we were putting on the last couple ridge and ran down to the ladder to meet her.