Double roof and legal issues

I purchased a home approximately 2 years ago (July 21st 2006).

So water starts coming down on my head… I purchase shingles / felt / tar and start ripping the old roofing off. Underneath, I discover a huge quantity of old OSB that is falling apart. After stripping the entire roof of shingles and felt, I started pulling up the old OSB only to discover a whole nother roof underneath.

At this point I remembered the disclosure statement. In 2003 the previous owners had “replaced the roof” according to their disclosure statement. Unfortunately it appears that they had simply buggered over the old stuff without so much as drying it out (the rot is on both sides of the OSB).

Has anyone run into this problem before? What are the chances that I can get the previous owners to own up and fix their mistake? Are there any specific actions that anyone can recommend?

Speak to your attorney.

Recovering a defective roof with a new decking is not acceptable and they were fully aware of what was done and did not disclose that condition to you.

Replace is not the same as re-roofing over the top.


unfortunately the previous owner may have been dooped by a roofer and didnt know any better.

I would think any problems to be addressed are before closing, them dam roofers did it, :shock: actually, there was a contractor somewhere.

It very well might have been a cheopo home owner request, even though I would not have complied with it, I have run into this situation 3-4 times.


Sounds like a typical Pocono,P.A. re-roof…lol that is the kind of thing that went on here before 2004…And some twsps. still have no inspections…I have actually seen worse than that , and the buyers had a home inspection svc. give an “Okie Dokie”…and new owner finds the problem shortly after, and too long for any one to be accountable.From what I’ve seen and heard of anyway…Another case of a hack working,and good roofers are struggling to stay a float!

tear it ALL off,
repair origanol decking,
install new shingles.
take pictures.


As it turns out, the contracting company that handled this installation either a) never existed, or b) no longer exists and the owner moved out of state.

Friggin’ A.

The previous owner also indicated that they had left the repair invoice with me, however that doesn’t seem to be the case.

I have approximately $2000 to repair $6000-$8000 worth of damage… Any other options here?

Dry reallyu the only thing you can do is fix it correctly. We see this type of stuff many times and it hard to see but it happens everyday. Maybe insurance will cover some of this??? Either way doing a patch job will only cause you problems down the road.

i know no one likes to here it…but, look into financing. :?

yes, it needs to be fixed right.
Take it all off and replace it.

Contact your real estate attorney that you used for the closing on the house.

Tell him about the recourse you may have available to you, due to a lack of full disclosure.

If you did not use an attorney for the closing, now is the time to speak with one.

You do possibly have legal recourse actions available to you, but only an attorney in your state can be versed with your areas laws and time limitations.