Dormer help needed!



I am looking for some advice on a dormer addition I am having done. Here are a few pics of my house: … directlink … directlink

We are trying to figure out which is the best thing to do. We are planning on a full shed dormer. On one hand, we like the outside appearance of an inset (nested?) dormer as it preserves the roofline. Since we are on a side street, the back and side of the house are in full view. We also figure it would help resale value to keep the original roofline intact.

The problem is that an inset dormer would mess up the layout of the interior rooms. The rooms would have the original roofline cutting through the each side wall (where it met the dormer). It would be inset about 16" or so.

I suppose we could also eliminate the original roofline altogether, such as this: … directlink

but does that look horrible and ruin resale value?

Another option is to have moulding attached to give the appearance of the original roofline, like this: … directlink

…but more than a quick glance gives it away. The other concern is attaching it without compromising the siding (putting holes to attach it and retaining its waterproofness).

What would you do?

Feel free to take a look at some of the other pics there of other rooflines.

Thanks for your input in advance!



The shed dormer will give you much more usable space.

You are describing a fairly common addition, your questions could be better answered by an Architect, or your builder of choice.