Doing everything the right way....and cant get a break

I am currently working in Independence Mo now with 2 crews but the company I am working for is very slow. I am wanting to stay and continue working in this area. I am finding that even though i have paid workmans comp and liability for over 12 years it doesnt matter anymore. Companies are hiring without and paying less per sq. Its hard to get any work. I cant take 45 per square. My refernces are excellent and my crews are outstanding. I am a legal Mexican sub. I even got 2 crews of mine that are legal as well. I thought this was going to make a big difference but I am seeing that it doesnt. Its hard for the honest hard working person in this field to get a break. I am currently running 2 other crews in the St louis area and have been for 7 years. I am getting 60 plus per sq here. Anybody got any work in either area and willing to give me one chance?

welcome to the site.
i guess things were worse than i thought.


Welcome and I guess things are better here than I thought.

Welcome and it sounds like you have at least two illegal Mexican crews, that’s cool.

One thing you can always count on with Capitalism. Someone will always find a way to do it cheaper…
even if it means corrupting their occupation.