Does this ridge vent look right?


Hi everybody. I had a new roof and ridge vent put on my house last month. I have some concerns on the ridge vent. It’s best explained by the below picture. Shouldn’t the vent be attached all the way across the roof rather than just at the ends of each piece and bowed the way it is? My roofer came out two different times to re-inspect after I expressed my concerns and both times said it is installed properly and is leak proof. What are your thoughts?


Ok,that is bad!
Any blowing sideways
Rain can get right in.

Edit… i am very unhappy with what i am seeing
And i am a very forgiving guy.
He needs that picture sent back to him and asked to replace it with a ridge vent that installs straight.
My favorite is owens cornings sure vent.
It is the strongest, most rigid.
Looks straight!


That is really bad, honestly not sure how they could have installed it that way. That style of ridge vent is first nailed on with 4-5 nails on each side. Each ridge shingle is then nailed through the vent into the deck with 2.5-3" roofing nails. The ridge shingles must only be nailed or somehow attached to the plastic ridge vent, NOT the wood roof deck. That needs to be completely redone, besides the fact that it will leak, it is also likely to blow off in complete sections down the road.


That happens with a crew that’s worried about how long things take. That type of ridge vent should be hand nailed. They used a gun.