Does this proposal look reasonable - should I add or beef up anything?

Replacing a ~30 year old roof on a 2300 SF colonial in Massachusetts. There is a shingle roof on the house and detached garage, and tar and gravel (which might be > 30 yr old) on the flat roof over the sun room.

This is the proposal from one contractor (without showing the pricing) - proposals from other contractors are pending.

What do the experts think of the scope of work? Is there anything missing or anything that you would add to/beef up?

Thank you

Main house and detached garage:
β€’ Protect main house all around including garage, windows, siding, fences, patio, etc. with heavy duty tarps to avoid any damage from the old roof coming down.
β€’ Remove existing roof locate it on this property.
β€’ Re-nail any loose board or fix and replace any rotten or broken boards before any new material installation. If plywood is needed additional charges will apply.
β€’ Install 6 feet Ice and water shield applied at all protrusions, valleys, roof-to-wall areas, roof vents, chimneys etc.
β€’ Roof line’s entire perimeter protected with 8” aluminum drip edge.
β€’ Install Synthetic underlayment for proper roof warranty.
β€’ Install GAF ridge vent for proper roof ventilation.
β€’ Install GAF starter shingles at all roof edge installation.
β€’ Install GAF Timberline HD Lifetime (50 years) architectural asphalt composite shingles (130 mph wind rated) installed in a hurricane nailing pattern is executed upon installation (6 nails per 1 meter 39.5 inches] length of shingle).
β€’ Install GAF shingle hip & ridge Caps.
β€’ Replace any existing pipe boots with new GAF approved aluminum roof flanges.
β€’ Install new step flashing and lead flashing at one chimney.
β€’ Remove all the construction related debris.
β€’ After job is completed gutters and dump spouts will be clean 100%. Using the proper guidelines.
β€’ Run our three-foot magnet to pick up all nails.
β€’ We do not reuse any of the original roofing materials.
β€’ If plank decking/ledger board is needed for roof decking add $x per l/f.
β€’ If plywood is need it an additional $x per sheet will apply.
β€’ Dumpster and Dump Fees are included in this proposal.
β€’ Permit fee is included on this proposal.

Side Flat Roof:

β€’ Strip tar and gravel down to the wood and inspect all wood before any new material instalatiuon .
β€’ Install 4x8 sheet of Β½ ’’ EPDM insulation board, secure with 3’’ approval plates and 3’’ approval screws in the EPDM roofing system.
β€’ Apply Rubber membrane 0.032 grade, secure with LVOC Bonding Adhesive as require by LAW in the State of Massachusetts.
β€’ Any area greater than 10 feet wide a Peel & Stick EPDM Seam Tape needs to be on place for a proper manufacture warranty.
β€’ Any penetration on the roof including water pipes, electricity cables, gas lines, A/C units will be 100% water tight using ONLY EPDM approval materials. (9’’ EPDM Flashing Tape, EPDM Corner Flashing , EPDM T-Join Covers.
β€’ Roof line’s entire perimeter protected with 5’’x0.5’’x 3” WHITE aluminum drip edge0.032 grade.
β€’ Cover and protect all drip edge with 6’’ Peel & Stick EPDM Cover Tape.
β€’ Cure all surfers with LVOC primer before any tape application.
β€’ Re-flash all corners and joints between rubber roof and any walls.
β€’ Replace any existing pipe boots with new EPDM approved roof flanges.
β€’ Double seal all corners with EPDM Edge Caulk as require by manufacture warranty.
β€’ Install new lead all around the lower chimney.

Don’t like the wording & it’s too wordy, like it was written by a salesman or something, IMO.


I agree.
He left way too many details.
Details a jackass homeowner could pick apart
And say he didnt do his job.

Kinda like a homeowner saying you only used 37 feet of ridge vent instead of 40 feet you have written down.
Never leave these type of numbers on your proposal.

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