Does this look off to you? Certainteed grand manor carport

We just had our roof redone with certainteed grand Manor. Our roof is too high to inspect up close but this is the carport. Should any nails be visible? The cut looks wonky at the valley. Assume no shingles in certain areas due to how flat they are. Have not paid bc they have not finished the roof yet.

Where do you see nails. The valley cut isn’t perfect but in fairness grand manors are the hardest shingles to cut.

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You have to zoom in to see them…not sure what they are exactly…

Are they are face nails on the last cap shingles and are sealed? If so that’s acceptable and common practice.

I think you are seeing bird shit. The job looks good and there is a little wobble at top left of valley. I’m at the front of the line to call out sloppy work but it seems like you’re nitpicking.


The valley could be cleaned up, otherwise it looks fine.