Does size mater?

Does the length of the nail mater ?

We will be re-roofing our house and it has 2 layers of shingles, which will be removed. I was thinking of using 1 1/4" Bostitch nails.
Right now, I am leaning towards Timberline 30 yr. Prestiqe.

I am also going to look at Certainteed.
We have 3 tab now and want a different look.

Also, we have 2 turbine vent and I was planning on using ridge vents, do I keep the turbine vents or not put them back and
patch the hole where they were ?
Back when I took the house down to bare wood and re painted it, I added 8 vents in the soffits.Before all we had was 6 little vents in the soffits at 3 peaks. The house was built in the early 60’s.

I am open to any suggestions.
BJ in Okla.

1 1/4" is what you use for everything but the ridgecap,you’ll need 1 3/4"-2".I would handnail the cap.Patch the holes for the turbines and use only the ridgevent.You may need more intake vents,the more intake the better.

Make sure to look at the Landmark AR 30 line.

The other day looked at a 12 year old 40 year Timberline roof that had cracks all over it. The cracks were only under a shingle butt and ran from top to bottom. Was on a Timberline 50 year roof that was 19 years old last week and although the shingles had a few years of good life left the Timbertex ridge lost all the granuals on several ridge.

1.25 inch nails will be fine for nailing down the shingles. If using thick ridge you need to go longer. I like the idea of gun nailing rather than hand nailing because the gun nails will have barbs to help hold into the decking.

Ridge vent is made better than it used to be. I like turtle vents but that is a personal preference. Seen snow drifts in attics with ridge vent. On my 6/12 roof I capped off the ridge vent and went with Lomanco painted net free turtle vents. Know a framer who went from ridge vent to turtle vents as well. He said when he cut the hole in the roof to put the turtle vent in he couldn’t believe the hot air that blew out.

You don’t want turbine and turtle vents with ridge vent, one or the other. I never put turbine vents back on a roof unless the home owners insists on them. Been on many roofs were the bearings have seized up rendering the whirly bird vent usesless.

Solid advice right there.


Solid advice right there.[/quote]

If putting the thick ridge over ridge vent you need to go longer though. Not sure what region you are from but the Snow Country works best in MN for ridge vent.

1 1.4" bostitch, 2 box’s…
Thanks for all your help.

i would use 3" hand nails on the ridge and cap.

**I live in central Oklahoma, we don’t get much snow and if we do, its gone in a couple of days.Our temps run from
10deg F to 105 deg F.
Do I need ridge vents or Turtle vents ?
What is a Turtle vent, like a box ?
I saw a Ridge vent a Lowes today that was painted metal, 8 foot long, are these any good ?
I called one place and they are out of anything in a Tan color in Landmark 30’s.
They are ordered, but he was not sure if and when they will get them in.$68.00 a square, and not sure what they will be in July, he said they go up every month.

How good are Owens Corning shingles ??
Thanks for all your help.
BJ **

1 3/4" nails only for anything over 1st layer.

Besides, why would you go shorter anyway?

The gun will nail a 1 3/4" nail just as easily as it will nail anything else.


The 1-1/4" should work fine. To get right down to it, Gaf/Elk requires that the fastener, penetrate the deck for warranty. If not, it has a high chance of backing out in the form of a fishmouth.

The only Bostitch nails that I could find were the 1 1/4", Lowes had 3 box’s hide and I bought 2 of the 3…
The house has 2 layers of shingles now, but the roof will be stripped down to bare wood and the 2 turbine vents closed off…
There is so much new work going on here and people having to re roof after all the stroms that we have had,stuff is hard to find…These 3 box’s of Bostitch nails were the only Bostitch nails that I could find…
I have not been able to find any Landmark 30’s in a Tan color…One supplier said the he was only selling to people that had all ready been buying from them.They would sell to anyone new.
Thanks for your help, did you have any answers for my other questions ?

Yeah, cover those turbine holes. You wont be needing them anymore.

Oh! If it’s being ripped, then that’s fine.

Sorry! :?