Does Mixing Manufacturers Void Warranty?

If I get a Certainteed Shingle and Use a Ridge Vent by a Different Manufacturer, does that void the warranty? One Roofing Company said it could potentially be a problem if there were a warranty issue; another company told me that it didn’t matter.

Also, there was a discussion about ridge vents (can’t remember which thread) regarding Shingle Vent II (by Certainteed – which is what I “should” since I want the Certainteed Landmark) and Cobra. I had one company tell me that the Certainteed Shingle Vent II is made of plastic and it will deteriorate/break and the Cobra is metal. However, I thought that “someone” in this Forum said that there was a problem with rain/snow coming in with the Cobra Ridge Vent ?? Please advise.

BTW, I have now had three estimates. I am leaning toward the company that is a little higher priced. The owner of the company came out and went over EVERYTHING with me and was very thorough and very professional — I really appreciated his presentation.

It depends on the manufacturer and the product used. For example, they all want you to use their products if and where possible but sometimes it’s either not possible or that company doesn’t make the type of product you need. We use a eave vent called the Inhaler by Ever-Flo, GAF and Certainteed will not warranty that product but do allow us to use it on their roof because they don’t make one.
We use Snow Country ridge vent on Certainteed roofs also. It’s the only ridge vent we use on all our asphalt shingle roofs barring the need of something custom. I don’t think Certainteed owns the Shingle Vent II anymore.

from what i know cobra is not metal. SHingle vent II is the best in my opnion. You can use whatever you want when it comes fto ventilation products. I would not go with the metal type they are trying to sell you on.

Metal Ridge Vent is becoming a item from the past, Typically Roofers do not use it.

The metal vent is nailed on top of everything, Tree hits it, its bent., The Cap-over Ridge vent is what is now typically used, PVC vent that is installed and then Capped with Matching Roof shingles. If done properly should last as long as the Roofing. Just General Maintaining. Have it Inspected along with your Roof once a year. Other than the acts uncontrolled by all of us, You should be Satisfied.

We Use Shingle Vent and Shingle Vent II on all of our Roofs, Unless Customized required. Very satisfied with product.