Does anyone know what shingle this is?


Does anyone recognize this shingle?


Need a better closer picture, this one deosn’t show any detail.


Axiom, I’ll try to get a better picture. I searched online yesterday and came across the Atlas Pristine weathered shadow shingles. This shingle looks close to the shingle in the other picture.

I’m trying to decide on a shingle for the reroof on my house. The roofing company doing the reroof works mostly with OC Oakridge/Duration and GAF HD (I made it clear, no Natural Shadow.) I’m looking for a shingle that has high definition, so I thought about Ultra HD. He told me to save my money and just go with the GAF HD. But after all the comments on this site about how GAF is not a good option, I started looking at other shingles. I like the Certainteed Max Def Weathered Wood but I’m afraid it would be too busy with the brick color on my house. Any shingle recommendations are welcomed.


Look at a Certainteed Landmark TL.

I’m not sure what the house in the picture has on it, this is the type of look you will get with the thickest shingles available.

If you have hips on the roof use 2 layer cap.


At least in my region landmark tl is no longer avalible, we used to install alot of them. Now we are using landmark premium as our higher end arch, they are roughly the same weight as a tl, but look the same as the landmark pro, just cost and weigh more. The landmark pro is a great shingle, I would use them on my house any day over atlas pinical, gaf, or oc.


I do.
The first pic is atlas pinnacle Pewter.

The second one, yes, atlas weathered shadow.
It is stunningly beautiful.

And Atlas will stay beautiful through out its life
Because Atlas is the only brand that gives an honest to God warranty against algae and streaking. Lifetime.

Edit- i could be wrong on the first pic.
That is some enhanced hip and ridge shingles.
If you go look at the pewter on a house in the atlas website, you will see it looks the same.
But currently Atlas doesnt offer enhanced cap as far as i know.
It could be triple capped to acheive that look but i doubt it.


An algae resistance shingle would be a major plus. I had lots of streaking on the old roof. I’m not sure when it started but shingles were Elk 30 year. My roofer says he typically uses #15 felt. Should I request a better underlayment and if so what is recommended?


#15 felt is fine, has been the standard for a century. Synthetics really only benefit the installer, once they have shingles on them they make no difference.


Onduvilla look great on brick homes. 50 year warranty, unlimited wind and they will come to the project to show how to install properly. They have a good variety of colors to choose from.


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