Does anyone know loose laid TPO?


Hi, Currently, I read design-build specs, specs want to use ballast over TPO membrane.
I only know weld seam TPO and loose laid EPDM. I never heard about loose laid TPO.
Does anyone know? Thank you


I’ve heard of doing it with pavers. Best bet on this one is to reach out to your manufacturers rep.


It is done. A layer of Protective Mat is installed over the TPO before the ballast. Frankly, if you want a ballasted roof, use EPDM. You can use larger sheets, fewer seams, etc.


thank you Donl, i have addition questions about TPO membrane, does waffle patio slab directly install on TPO or using protection board or XPS insulation under paver? Thank you


I don’t understand what a waffle slab is…


They may be talking about fully adhered system .witch is basically glued down.


Its similar with concrete paver.


Pavers should be installed over protection mat or, better, over XPS. Do not install directly to the TPO.