Does anyone have work?

we are located in milwaukee wisconsin .we are experienced in epdm rubber,shingles,tearoffs,gutter installation,siding,fascia,soffit,chimney rebuilding,window installation and patio doors.we have alot of experience in other forms of contruction and we currently work for another company but do our own jobs once in awhile.we are looking to subcontract from someone that can provide steady work.we have insurance and our own equipment.i have myself over 21 years experience and my partner has over 15 years experience.we will also do repair work and anything to keep us going.we will show what we know.and we can give anyone references to our abilities.thank you

Call 877-784-roof (7663)

Hey Mark, we are from around the same area. We may be starting to get backed up with work before the snow starts to fall. Send me a private message with your rates and everything for tear offs and reroof 30 year dimensionals and if the guys get behind I might have to contact you.

Easier to tell the truth then ya aint gotta remember as much. Thought ya didnt have no work Bamm Bamm??

What are you talking about?

Go read the other post then maybe you will get what I actually meant. Perhaps I shouldve explained it clearer.

Didnt mean you didnt have ANY work just any work for someone else. Just attackin when attacked…are ya skeeered i might come to your hood? LOL

I will write back with the same rates