Does a roofer replace Chimney Flashing when are-roof was done?

I had a new roof put on May 2016 including a cricket (charged extra for) Fast forward to 7/5/19 It’s raining season here in Florida I noticed water coming inside my home on my chimney wall (see photo) I contacted the roofer who did my re roof he installed cricket on one of the 4 sides of my chimney it doesn’t look like he did anything to the other 3 sides of the chimney as a result I have water coming in every time it rains… Roofer came today and said it needed caulking (1 or all 3 sides of chimney ) My questions are a there damage in my attic? If the repair of the other 3 sides of chimney wasn’t included in my re roof why would he have put caulking on today? Im the farthest thing from a roofer and I’m worried about water damage in attic etc here in Florida Mold is a serious issue as a result of water damage. I’ve attached photo of invoice for my re roof just wanting to know if he was. Supposed to replace the other 3 sides of my chimney when he did the reroof any assistant would be greatly appreciated
Thank you !

Many northern roofers use step flashing only.
That is something that would always get replaced.
We use stick flashing only down here in the south.
And it is good for the life of two shingle roofs
Sometimes 3.
A roofer replaces all the chimney flashing
If he said he was going to do it.
No, he isnt required to do it.
But he should if he sees
it is damaged, rusted or installed incorrectly.

All that said, a roofer who doesnt replace the chimney flashing because it is in perfect condition should at least re-seal/re-caulk the top of the counter-flashing.
Because the old caulk wont be in perfect condition.

Looks like the water drained down the brick
And didnt hardly get on the drywall.
As long as you dont let the leak linger and take care of it, i dont think you need to worry about mold.
It gets hot in the attic.
Moisture drys up very quickly.
Mold needs a constant source of food.
Did the water along the brick inside dry up?
Imagine how fast it would dry up in the attic where it is twice as hot.

Thank you! Yes water on the brick dried really fast… My photo is only proof I have it was leaking it dried that fast. I have one more question What is stucco flashing? I wish I could. Post more than one photo ugh! Lol

I think as you respond and there is more interaction in the thread, you can post more pics.
Like replying to this post.

I think when someone is referring to stucco flashing they are referring to “stick counter flashing” or “gum lip flashing”.
It is where your counter flashing is secured through the side of the chimney and there is a top lip that gets filled with sealant/caulking.


Still leaking…

Not the stucco but the chimney flashing it is still leaking here is a photo of the attic ceiling taken 8/22

Yuck. Not sure what exactly they caulked but caulking should always just be for extra insurance in case something happens to the flashing. If they are depending on it as long term fix they’re not addressing the flashing properly.

Is that paint all over the shingles?. They reused the old flashing and it’s beat. A new reglet needs to be cut and new flashing needs to be installed. No clue how someone builds a new cricket and reuses the old flashing, did they only reflash the back side?


Exactly the roofer that installed my new roof is trying to tell me that Hurricane Irma cause the chimneys flashing in 9/2017 (New roof and cricket Installed 5/2016 see invoice where he says 5 year warranty on workmanship) He says he’ll have to charge me well there’s nothing wrong with the roof anywhere but The chimney and you see that Adickes picture tongue and groove where it’s getting damaged … he should fix it right ?

I don’t like cutting a reglet into stucco. I can’t see the cap or the flashing so it’s going to be tough to figure it out. If I’m called to check this leak, I’m first looking at all the flashing details. I’m checking the caulking. Looking at the stucco to see if it’s sealed. Next I’m checking the cap. If it all looks ok, I’m putting a guy in the attic and one on the roof with a water hose. I would work the roof area with water, up the sides and the back. If no leaks, I’m spraying the stucco. Last, I’m soaking the cap.

Something like that I’ll cut through the stucco into the brick with a 9" and put 2+" top , depending on the stucco thickness, with half inch back bend all the way into the brick.

I’m not sure what you’re saying but I’m gonna just show you all the photos that I have the first time this was the issue in July no one went in the attic yesterday a different roofer went in the attic and that’s that attic ceiling photo that’s on here already the photo with the red circle another came and went in the attic yesterday he said it’s the flashing and it’s coming in the opposite corner of the red circle on the photo … The actual guy who did the job came over here in July for more caulking on it never went in the attic nothing and now he won’t even answer the phone

On Fri, Aug 23, 2019 at 7:35 PM MPA via

Looks like they installed a new surface mount gum lip counter flashing on the back side where they built the cricket and left the original flashing in place in the other 3 sides.

If your contract did not include “replace chimney flashing” the leak would not be covered under your workmanship warranty. In my area I see this a lot. We probably flash 5 chimneys a month on relatively new roofs where the contractor did not replace the flashing as part of the roofing project.

Really… So he charges over $900 for a cricket and ignores the rest of the chimney unreal ? How much to fix the chimney flashing ?

I must be a sap. If work above the eaves needs to be completed to keep the roof from leaking, I do it or sub it, but it is ALWAYS included! It’s MY roof til it’s replaced…

900 for a shingled cricket is absolutely crazy. We will not even sell a shingles cricket. Our price with a new roof for building and installing a copper cricket up to 20sqft is around 570, then 24$ a liner foot for copper counters cut into the masonary.

Exactly he should have done all the flashing for all the chimney for the $900.

He should have, but it all comes down to what the contract states.

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