Documentation for insurance coverage of roof


Hi, I had a tear-off and new roof put on my house and garage. I purchased the materials and hired some roofers that did the work as a side job. I am not trying to get any money from the insurance company, I just want to have my new roof covered on the insurance. I have receipts for all the materials but I cannot get a receipt for the labor from the roofers. Even though they work for a professional roofing company, as I stated, they did this for me on the side. Any suggestions as to what paperwork I can give to the insurance company?

Thanks in advance for any help.



Ask their boss to take on the job. Pay his guys as normal and he makes his cut for getting you the roof you where eligible for


At that point you just say that you installed the roof yourself.


Thanks, When I talked to the insurance company they made it sound really complicated. Possibly I was talking to the wrong person. I don’t want anything other than my new roof covered the way it should be. They had previously sent me a notice telling me the my old roof was essentially worthless and barely covered…which it was, about 26 years old. I thought it would be simple to just call them and say I have a new roof now, cover it…silly me


That is all it should be, proof of purchase of material, picture of roof, possibly inspection. People install their own roofs all the time, they cannot tell you that you who you can or can’t use to install a roof.


My bad, I was thinking you had a storm damaged roof that was being paid for by insurance company. Ignore my earlier post. Just send your material bill and a picture of completed roof and you should be set


MPA is spot on. Even if it were a storm claim , the homeowner can do the repairs and turn in a supply receipt and be paid for labor. Its not a big deal. When I do storm damage for this one management company, they turn in the Completion as their own invoice. They pay us upon completion. If there is a Rec, they wait on it, not me.


Thanks everyone…I thought it should be simple, maybe the guy I talked to didn’t understand me and thought I was trying to scam them…I will send them the God’s honest truth and see what happens…lol