Do you see any issues here, it’s not leaking



I see a house that cant be insured with a new policy.
And as a roofer, i wouldnt warranty any of the work fixing it.

So it needs a new roof.
The product has failed as far as looks is concerned.
It is warping and falling apart.
Especially the upper half.
The hot half.


Cedar shingles look like they aren’t that old but curling. Probably a result of lack of proper ventilation or bad nailing. Will need replaced but can probably last a few more years i don’t see any red flags other than cosmetic.


Need closer pictures to be sure, likely no cedar breather over a solid deck.


You don’t see all the ridges sticking up, missing. And this is just under a mil.


The ridge is seen. I thought you were looking for something other then the most obvious. What do you mean by this is just under a mil?


There also appears to be rusted valley metal and a big debris dam at the end of the valley.


Lots of problems but not necessarily urgent. The curled shakes are likely the result of poor ventilation (as state previously) but also from using cheaper grade shakes and likely not having treated the shakes as part of regular, routine maintenance. If you go back with shake, go with Grade A Premiums. I’d go back with Brava Shake synthetic composite were it my house.