Do you rent a dumpster or own a own a trailer and haul yourself?

For tearoffs do you rent a dumpster for every job? Or do you own a trailer and haul yourself?

For the first couple of years i hired a roll-off dumpster.
For over 20 years i hired a trailer.
For the last 5 years I pulled My own dump trailer.
I dont want to do it and i dont like doing it
But the stress of getting the trailer moved in certain emergency situations was just too much.
Sometimes the trailer and the material delivery truck cant be in the driveway at the same time.
Someone needs to be there in a snap to move it.
Ive realized that ive got to be the one to do it.
So the Dump trailer might as well be mine.
I use it to bring everything i cant fit in the back of my truck. (Just about everything except the shingles).

I tell the homeowner to have their driveway and garage cleared of vehicles before daylight.
I pull up and set my trailer up in the driveway before 7 am. Now its ready for the roofers at exactly the right time, every time…
Something i couldnt get done before.
And leaves the driveway the moment the roofers are done.
Not the next day, or the day after that
Or even a couple days after the weekend .
Now the homeowner hates you
Even though you did a good job on the roof.
If i wanted gauranteed perfect service by someone i hired out to do it,
Then it required delivering the trailer ““sometime””the day before.
Also the trailer might not be positioned in the exact spot the roofers needed.

What really blew me over the edge to get my own set-up was when i asked my trailer guy for a first delivery(7am) on a monday for a friday delivery.
He said that spot was already taken.
I couldnt get it until 9 am.
I said ok.
When he arrived, i already bought my own
And it was filled up.
I still needed his also.
It was a big job.
So then i started hiring him only for jobs i needed two trailers for.
Now ive adapted and pull all my own loads.
I’ll never go back.
Dealing with your own trash is a learning experience in itself.
You are going to have stuff break down.
Go through lots of tires and tire repair and more.
I believe the bare minimum is a F-250 4x4 with a 12 foot dump trailer.
If you want to really fill up a heavy duty 14 foot dump Trailer than you need the F350 or similar.

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If you are doing easy 20-30 as one layer shingle tearoffs a dump trailer can work great. It Really depends on the job and how much the material being removed weighs. We have an Isuzu npr with 12’ dump body that is good for 6000# and can fit places a dump trailer or dumpester never could.

We do a lot of older cut up work and multi layer shingle tearoffs so a dumpester is the best bet for both weight and volume of there is an foreseen redeck, always go bigger than we need. We also do a fair amount of shingle over cedar tear offs and cedar and straight cedar tearoffs…those jobs are always a 40 yard roll off even for 15 square because of the volume.

I had a 1 ton dually grain truck with a hydraulic dump and a ton and a half rear end. Throw down plywood, drive it under the eaves and tear off right into it. 3 ton would make her squat pretty good.