Do you provide number of squares on apartment complexes if customer requests

Hi folks,
We are bidding a 31 building apartment complex with at least 15 different style buildings. The number of squares will be over a thousand and we will hand measure some buildings and eagle view others for the total complex and for verification. The property manager requested that we include the number of squares for each building. I prefer not to include the number of squares for each building unless we get the contract upon signing the contract we could provide the squares. To hand measure and eagle view it will cost us at least $800.00-$1200 to get the squares. What are your thoughts on including per building squares on your submitted proposal for bid purposes?

Your instincts are correct.

How i handle it, i say.
This isnt an estimate.
It is an exact proposal.
Your price is not for so many squares.
It is for a completed roof.
I include all wood work in the price.
There is no surprise bill at the end of the job.
You know exactly how much your paying before we start.
After we are done with the job, i’ll let you know how many squares we used.
It doesnt change the price though.


100% agree with roof lover. We never include # of squares or price per square. Our pricing structure is very detailed, tear off price with variables, shingle type and variables for install, liner feet of tie in and wall flashing. We give you a price for a complete roof.

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Totally agree. My estimate is free. If you want a material list I have a fee for that.


I’ll happily provide a detailed material list upon receipt of a signed contract and deposit check. :smiley:


I would also provide number of squares for a fee :grin:

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However you want to deal with the property manager is your business, but it sounds like you could save some money on the measurements using RoofSnap and their measurement reports.

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Obviously, I have a bit of bias, but let me know if you want some more info.

Google maps has a measurement tool that will let you measure roofs for free if you have decent images of your area. Go to satellite mode, right click and click measure. Trace the outline and multiply by the slope factor (you will need the pitch of your roof). I will do the same in google earth as a verification. Works very well!

I generally do not include area in the bid, but don’t really see any reason to hide or charge for the number.