Do you guys use digital advertising?


Hey guys.
I am thinking of using digital advertising to increase my revenue. Have you guys tried it before? If the answer is yes, Please tell me what did you use and how was the experience?


SEO, Google Ad Words and Facebook Ads. Use them all very effectively. We use a very, very competent third party. And it’s not cheap. But if you use someone who knows what they’re doing, there is a great return on investment. You can use someone who promises a lot for $500 per month and you’ll get zilch.


Is there any method one can use to weed out SEO sources as good or bad?


References. There’s no way someone can optimize your website, create city/landing pages and run Google Ad words for $500 per month unless you’re in a really small market. The cheap guys will explain how it will take time for your website to rank (and it does), will do almost nothing and milk you for a monthly payment until it becomes obvious they’re not providing any value.

If you want the contact information for the company we use, PM me. As long as you’re not in one of the markets he is presently working with another contractor in, he could help you.


Link building is one of the ways to increase the backlinks. You can use that. Build strong references and increase your DA.